HiDaddy - Pregnancy Tracker App Reviews

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Terrible App

I wish I could get my money back, way off on timing, terrible attitude, not informative at all.

Not worth it

I purchased this app because my wife has the one for the Moms. However they will not sync with each other and I have emailed technical support twice. Save your $2. Get a free app.

Horribly Negative Attitude for Expecting Fathers

I’m 33, and my wife is expecting our first child, so instead of buying a ton of books, I decided to get a bunch of apps. I was expecting uplifting, exciting and informative info, but was shocked by the off putting comments within the app. While the app attempts to be cute and clever by having the “baby” tell you what they’re experiencing, they completely disgrace and degrade the entire experience and much of what’s to come. This is a horrible way to prepare Fathers for life with a baby! Comments from different days... (Remember, your beautiful baby that you don’t know or are even bonded to, is already giving you reasons to resent it. ) “Your friends think your extremely boring now.” “Make some new friends...” “When I hit the streets, you ain’t getting any sleep for months.” “I know it’s hard for mom to do her regular exercises, but she really does need to keep herself in shape. Here’s an idea. You two take a yoga class together. It won’t hurt your flabby but either.” Hope this review helps someone!

Sync doesn’t work

We wanted to like this app but it had so many issues. Sync doesn’t work between apps. The information they share is not accurate. Not worth it...

Wish it was more informative

I wish this app was more similar to my wife’s hi mommy app. It seems like the daily messages are trying to be more manly instead of informative on how things are forming on the baby.

Really my G

Yo I need yall to run my $1.99 back... End of discussion. Another thing make sure the app actually works. Smh P.S. Yall tried it, how the hi mommy app BETTER in every way including that annoying fidget spinner and it's FREE. 😒😒 #PUTSOMERESPEKONMYNAME #PUTTHERESTBACKONMYCARD

Offensive and stereotypical

Aside from the fact that it would not sync with my wife’s app, I was disappointed to see that all of the comments are offensive and stereotype men, and the comment about the redhead objectifies women. This is 2018. I wanted an app to keep me up to date on my baby’s progress. This is disappointing and I deleted it minutes after I downloaded it. Shame

Timing off

It’s not a bad app at all. But timing is off.. at 9weeks it told me we were at the end of the first trimester. But the first trimester doesn’t end till week 12.

Rude Baby

I was at first very excited to use this app after reading the sweet and insightful thoughts from the HiMommy sister App that my wife has. However after downloading this, I found that all of the daily comments from the baby are rude and mean, and completely assume the worst about fathers, as well as following outdated stereotypes about both men and women. I would not recommend this app to a friend, major disappointment.

Not happy about the cursing

My wife shared the app thinking it would be like the himommy app. When I opened the app I started reading it was like my child was a teenager already, not really all that cool.

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