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HiDaddy - Pregnancy Tracker

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Styl życia Medical
Desenvolvedor: Idea Accelerator
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Dude! Youre gonna be a dad! My dad! Dont screw this up!

Have you downloaded HiDaddy? Youre in luck. Its the only app thatll tell you whats going on with me, how Im developing, and how my mother is doing on a daily basis.
Youre probably soiling your pants right now. And rightly so. But now that you have HiDaddy, its going to be a breeze, as I lead you by the hand until we see each other.
Wait, you havent downloaded HiDaddy yet? I hope Ill take after Mom when it comes to reflex. Get your act together and download the app ASAP! No need to thank me.

Talk to you later,
Your kid